Tuesday, February 6, 2007

2nd Trimester is here!!

Well, the things they say are true. I hit the second trimester at 14 weeks today, but about two days ago, I just started "magically" feeling GREAT. Yes, I still dry heave every time I brush my teeth, the heartburn is getting worse, but my body and energy just feel so GOOOOOD. :) I was told this would happen, but admittedly didn't really believe it. Oh yeah, and I can think about and even EAT vegetables without wanting to throw up (not tons of them, but at least some :)). Yay!!!

Happy Birthday, Melissa!!!!

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carol foley said...

hi mo,
yeah i felt real good with carrying you- i only got tired at the very end. but i owe this to also keeping in very good physical shape. my worse symptom was nausea from smell of foods. you are sounding like my pattern of my pregnancy with you.