Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Happy Valentines' Day!

I never know if the apostrophe goes before or after the S on this one. I guess there is only one St. Valentine, but then there are multiple valentines that we all have, so it's tricky.

Anyhoo, tonight Bob and I watched part of a show on TV called "Alison's Baby." This spunky British woman, Alison, shares her story about being pregnant (and she's a single mom because her partner decided not to stick around when he found out she was pregnant), giving birth to her son Paris, and raising him. Wow. Bob and I are a little nervous about just all that!!

However, Alison doesn't have arms. And she has stunted legs that allow her to walk but not have full height of most adults. As she explains, she is no different as a mom from anyone else. And it's true! She loves Paris just as any mom would and does all the things that moms do. Sure, she has some help sometimes, but she does so much of it herself. I was really quite inspired. I'd recommend catching the show if you get a chance. It's on TLC (like just about everything else I watch :)).

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Daddy said...


I did see that show. Pretty amazing the things she was able to do with her feet.