Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Snowshoeing while pregnant = interesting

This weekend, we went on a ski trip with some friends from church. NO, I didn't go skiing, take a deep breath. :) Instead I went snowshoeing with my friends Abbie and Dorothy. I didn't know how I would fair.

I put on about 46 layers of clothing because my mom warned me about the time she got frostbite while pregnant and outside in the winter. Well, within minutes I had my hat and gloves off and my jacket totally unzipped because I was a blazing inferno. (Better hot than cold, though!) I trudged through the powdery snow with the gals and expected to have somewhat of a Jesus-walking-on-the-water experience. Not so much. We sank almost a foot down into the snow. That made it a wee bit difficult for me to waddle around with these snowshoes on my feet.

It occurred to me about 10 minutes into the game (when I was huffing and puffing and had constant thoughts of just stopping dead in the snow) that I could tread in the footsteps of Abbie And Dorothy and save myself a lot of grief.

Despite the pregnant brain, a moment of brilliance!

This made the whole operation a lot more enjoyable. I had an apple in my pocket just in case the baby decided to get hungry while we were out in the middle of the woods. Figured it was better than trying to chase down a squirrel. Well, I was fine on that front, but after about 45 minutes, I realized that I was not tired for lack of stamina. I was exhausted from trying to maintain my already skewed-by-pregnancy sense of balance. I tripped over myself a couple of times, but between being short, wearing 46 layers, and there being a huge pillow of snow all around me, you could barely even consider it a fall. I asked the gals if we could turn back because my brain hurt from trying to concentrate on not falling over so much. Fortunately, they're kind and so they consented. I survived!

I'm sure this whole snowshoeing thing is easier while *not* being pregnant.

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