Monday, March 26, 2007

Babies 'R' Crazy... I mean, Babies 'R' Us....

It's been about a week since I last posted, since I was in New York for the photo shoot (pictures coming soon!) and then we were at a baby shower on Saturday. Anyway, yesterday Bob and I decided to bite the bullet and register at Babies 'R' Us! It was somewhat fun, quite a bit overwhelming, and we survived!

Even though I had done some research beforehand on car seats, strollers, cribs, etc., there's nothing like being there and actually trying all the stuff out. It was funny to be in the stroller section and have other parents or parents-to-be ask you questions about the stroller you were holding, give you advice about what strollers they love/hate, etc. With the first one we picked up, we couldn't figure out how to close the thing for the life of us! I'm sorry, if it's not intuitive, we just don't want to deal with it!! Not to mention that some of the strollers are so heavy! We ended up going with one that is way cute, good storage, NINE pounds (that's nothing!) and by a good company. Now we just need a baby to go in it! (By the way, he clearly is saying hi because he's kicking like crazy right now and my stomach is bouncing all over the place :)).

Almost all cribs are now convertible (change into toddler and full-size beds), which is fine except they're more expensive (but you'll use them longer). Those were overwhelming as well. Baby furniture is so stinkin' expensive!!

All in all, we made it and are so excited about all the baby things (except for the storage factor). We can't wait to meet you, baby!!!

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