Thursday, March 1, 2007

Happy March!

We had an appointment today, the usual stuff. Teri found the heartbeat right away with the Doppler, and the baby sounds strong and well! I asked if babies tend to "pick a side" in your womb because I've noticed that he/she likes to hang out on the right. She said they usually like to pick the right side! Weird, but very cute. :)

I've gained 15 pounds, which is right on track (who'd have thought I'd be ok with gaining 15 pounds!). I asked if she thought that we were having twins, and she said that I'd be a little small for twins, but it's always possible!

Bob likes to kiss my tummy and make weird noises for the baby, which is hilarious. It makes me laugh and then my belly goes up and down like crazy. I wonder what that feels like for the baby?

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