Friday, June 8, 2007


BabyShenk is doing just FINE!! I think the little booger just wanted another chance at getting his picture taken! Fluid level is normal (Thank God - literally!) and he's measuring about 3 lbs. 14oz., which the tech said was great for where I'm at (31 weeks and 3 days).

Everything looks good, and the tech was laughing at him because he was moving around so much (I've had 3 ultrasounds with this lady and barely have seen her even *smile*). He's head down and in the right position. Also, we finally got a profile shot of him.... and he has a Shenk nose for sure!! LOL

Thanks for your prayers and concern. Low fluid would have meant lots of monitoring, early delivery, stuff we don't want to do. We're glad he's doing well!

I included a couple of pictures, but left out the blatant crotch shot this time... he's definitely a boy!

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