Saturday, June 12, 2010

Family Happenings

This weekend we're at my parents' house because tomorrow is Bob's and my 6th anniversary!!! We are going to go out to dinner tonight and I'm thrilled to spend some time together. More than that, I honestly couldn't have picked a better husband and father to my kids. Despite all the craziness, sometimes (often, actually) I feel like we have as perfect a life as it's gonna get. :)

The unhappy news is my grandmother's health (my mom's mom). She is not doing so well and is in the hospital right now with a variety of complications following a hip replacement surgery. She has an infection and lots of fluid around her heart which the doctors cannot currently get to go away. She also has congestive heart failure and has for some time. She is currently stable, but it doesn't matter if the infection and fluid won't go away. She is 87 and my grandpa is 94 - they're the ones who have been married for 69 years! Please pray for both of them and the rest of our family.

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Grace said...

Awwww. Your sweet grandmother is hurting, and I'll bet your grandad is beside himself. My grandmother died 9 years ago, and my grandad still tears up when we mention her name. All the best to them.