Sunday, June 13, 2010

Review: CHILL Towels

I was going to write again yesterday, but then I got stuck in the black hole that is my parents' living room couch. It just calls my name over and over, "Ali.... come take a nap...". So I listened. :)

I've told you about Dean's (and other folks with PWS's) difficulty regulating his body temperature. Especially considering that we no longer live in Boston, it gets HOT here and we need a solution. The generous people at CHILL Towel sent me a package of samples to review for my blog.

We received several of the small, medium, and large sizes. The CHILL Towel costs depend on how many you order, but even at the lowest price, they are under $2 apiece for the small size. I think this is totally reasonable. They also offer bulk and wholesale discounts. 

We used the CHILL Towel at the park today and it was *hot* and *humid* outside. Usually in this weather, Dean just wilts and becomes lethargic and falls asleep. Today with the CHILL Towel on his neck, he stayed awake throughout the hour we were at the park and even seemed to have more energy than usual because he wasn't so drained just trying to keep cool! The towels are moistened with certain ingredients that provide cool comfort, but not too cold. I was concerned that they would be too chilly and then Dean wouldn't want to wear it on his neck. Instead, the CHILL Towel was an appropriate temperature (needs no refrigeration, by the way, so you can keep them in your diaper bag or purse for whenever you need them!) and stayed cool for longer than I would have expected. The directions say to shake the towel periodically to release more of the cooling agents, but we did not notice that making much of a difference. I was also pleased to see that the towels can be washed and reused as regular towels after their one use as a cooling towel. They would make great burp cloths, washcloths, cleaning rags, or cloth wipes. Ideally, it would be great if the CHILL Towel could be used as a cooling towel more than once, but I'm not sure how that would happen without the use of toxic chemicals or something! So we are quite pleased with the CHILL Towel. I would recommend it! 


Kera said...

Thanks so much for the info. It has been so hot here that even getting Delilah in and out of the car has caused her to sweat. I will definitly be ordering some of these.

Anonymous said...

Hi was me a few months ago who had said something about the chill towel on the yahoo group. My son also has PWS and had found that these towels worked great for Cole! I discovered through being a high school softball girls would have them to cool off during the games and I thought wow what I great towel for Cole and that was 2years ago. There is a girl on my team who's father helps promote the towels to other sports and is friendly with the owner. I suggest he tell him to start advertising for all children with special needs especially our community of PWS! Maybe we could work something out to get a discount.....I'll work on it with the father on my team!
Tracey Lombardi

Ali Foley Shenk said...

Hey Tracey,
That's cool! The owner was more than willing to ship some out to me for free. I saw that there was a menopausal society or something like that that gets discounts because they use them for hot flashes. I would think we could get a PWS discount if we all went in, right? Let me know what you find out.