Monday, August 9, 2010

Speech, Sociability, and Strollers

Dean is not yet "babbling," per se, but he is suddenly putting together more consonant-vowel combinations and it's adorable. It's so nice to hear his VOICE because even though he makes plenty of sounds, it's mostly long vowels and whining. :) So this is fantastic. I feel like hearing his voice is another way of getting to know him. Soon I'm sure he'll be like his brother and he won't STOP talking. lol

We decided on a stroller, the Baby Jogger City Micro double and, so far, I love it. Assembly was easy, it's much lighter than our other double stroller, it fits through a standard doorway, it's easy to maneuver, and it's pretty (hey, aesthetics matter!). If you go through, it's significantly cheaper than it is other places. I'm an official nerd because I was so excited about this stroller that I stalked it through and was looking through the windows for the UPS man on average about every 49 seconds. He finally came at 6pm. I got a picture of the boys in it right as my camera battery lost a charge, so it'll have to wait for another day. But here's the stock picture:

Love at first sight. :)

Dean's annual IFSP review (see PWS glossary) is on Wednesday and so his speech therapist gave us her portion in advance today. Reading the review was overwhelming because I thought about how far our little family has come in the last year. Becky also had to evaluate Dean's cognitive, social, emotional, and speech aspects. I was so proud. My favorite phrase to read was "Dean is very social...". She could have written, "Dean is quite adept at triple back-flips," and I would have been more impressed with him being very social. When Dean was born and could barely even function, couldn't even do the things that babies typically do, we had no clue how much he would be able to engage with the world. It's become clear that he is quite capable, and as a result, quite lovable. So it's exciting to read that he is now described in that manner and that it lines up with how we see him as well. 


Gina B said...

OMG. Jealous of your stroller. That thing pushes like a dream. (I may or may not have drooled over a single at a Buy Buy Baby in NY).

Ali Foley Shenk said...

Gina, did you check Their prices are fantastic and they usually have free shipping. The single is $99.99 there and the double is $199.99. I really believe that a good stroller is worth every penny!!!!

Gina B said...

Oh, I've looked at tons of websites and even have a stroller Ecxel sheet (I almost wish I were kidding). Unfortunately my better half doesn't think we need another stroller!

Sarah said...

I'm OBSESSED with that stroller! Can't wait to hear how you like it. We plan on getting one as soon as #2 comes along.

Ali Foley Shenk said...

Sarah, I still like it. Only complaint is that there's no place to hang your diaper bag, but I'm going to get the "Mommy Hook" to put on the handle and hang my bag from that. To be fair, the handle actually says not to hang anything off of it, but if you take the bag OFF before you take the kid(s) out, it's fine. :)

Gina, tell Mike he's being silly. Of *course* you need a stroller. (and I love that you have an Excel spreadsheet - I make one of those for seriously almost every area of my life!)