Monday, September 27, 2010

Baby E is a HE!!!!!!

Ultrasound went well this morning. I was doing breathing exercises to calm myself down in the car on the way there. Cole was in school and Dean came with us (Bob was just getting off a 25-hour shift and met us at the hospital).

It's weird, I'm getting kicked like crazy and I was still almost surprised to see a baby in there. It's just a miracle every time - I think that's what it comes down to.

I don't trust ultrasounds to tell everything, obviously, because they can't tell DNA and a variety of other issues. But still, I looked for every body part, wondered what the ultrasound tech was thinking about each bit, and got so over my head in marveling at this little person that I forgot we were going to look for boy/girl. :) Another sweet little baby to love.

Baby E was a little more shy than Cole and Dean were, but we got a shot that looks a whole lot like a he. :) I double-checked with the tech and she said, "Well, it's either a boy, or it's a girl with a penis." LOL! Got it!! Team Blue again!!! I just laughed. We're never having a girl on our own, I'm sure, and I'm definitely ok with my boys. Can't wait to meet this little man. :)

Afterwards, the perinatologist came in to review the ultrasound (I did not have this with previous pregnancies) and said that of all the things they measured, everything looks good. That was nice to hear. He went on to mention that we had a son with PWS (REALLY?????) and so he wanted to make sure we knew about all our "options" for this baby. I really hate when doctors talk like that, but I get it. I told him that we were advised by genetic counselors that we'd be the first recorded family to have another biological child with PWS by deletion. Someone correct me if I'm wrong. And as they ask me every single visit, no, we're not getting genetic testing. PWS cannot usually be detected prenatally and it wouldn't change anything anyway. This baby is moving a lot more than Dean did and my gut says things are probably ok. My gut knew something was off with Dean. This time around, I'm nervous, but I think things are still ok.

Here's baby E!

I remembered that profile looking like Cole, but I went back in the baby books and it looks actually a lot like Dean!

Yup, girls don't have that between their legs.

A foot! A sweet, little baby foot. :) 


Candice said...

Yay!!! Another bouncing baby boy. Congratulations!!

Kera said...

Congrats again!

Haley said...

Congrats on another wonderful boy!!!

Kevin said...

Well, I was right on the gender. Now, is the name going to be Elmo? I just read that Katy Perry sang a song with the Sesame Street Elmo and it got cut from the show! Elmo is a controversial character.

Ali Foley Shenk said...

No, it's not going to be Elmo, although his middle name, Emerson, is in the running. :)

Yes, the Elmo skit with Katy Perry was cut because she was wearing a quasi-scandalous outfit. :)

Molly said...

Awwww, Ali! I'm so happy for you. And for the record, if my hubs and I ever decide to have a third it would totally be another boy. Just sayin' :)