Thursday, September 16, 2010

Bits and Pieces

As always, thanks so much for everyone's responses about difficulties with your 3-year-olds. It's nice to know that I'm not a horrible mom (I didn't *think* I was, but didn't want to rule it out :)) and that I'm not alone! Here's to the phase passing, hopefully quickly. :) 

Like I said, there's so much I love about Cole, like how determined he is and how much he wants to learn. Yesterday he figured out how to work his pedal tricycle. A few days of back and forth and some backwards and then he just figured it out on his own. As with both of my kids, they seem best to learn if you just teach them some of the basics and then step back. 

He was so excited to try it out in the living room where there is absolutely no space for this. :) We need to move. lol

Dean is really getting into some imaginary play, as you saw with his treatment of the baby doll the other day. So cute. Today he put the phone up to his ear and acted like he was listening to someone on the phone. He didn't make any noises back, but it was so adorable anyway. Here's him playing peek-a-boo with me.

I think he thinks I don't see him. lol

Dean is learning other "little" skills like using an object to strike another object (instead of just using his hand to strike an object), and gives ridiculous amounts of hugs around the neck. If he starts bounding toward you with his crazy froggy-hop crawl, expect him to want a hug. And then he wants down so he can go play again. :) He also is imitating faces, which is hilarious. Like his brother and his dad, Dean has an ability to maneuver his face in ways I can't describe. We call it the Plasti-face. :) 

This picture cracks me up even though some will shudder and want to cast me into the inferno of Parenting Hell. Take a breath, it's ok. We don't usually have to keep Dean from watching TV because he is not really interested, but this evening (after an activity-packed day), I was preparing dinner and I looked over to see this: 

He was trying to pull up on the coffee table (still can't quite do it most times!) and got tired and laid down. lol Dean, maybe you should inch a bit closer and burn your eyeballs out of your head? 

Cole asks me about 54,329 times a day if there's a baby in my belly, if the baby is going to be a sister or a boy or a sister, and if the baby is going to come out soon. I think he's possibly more impatient about this than I am. But it's sweet because he wants to say hi to the baby all the time, touch the baby, talk to the baby. I like it. :) The other day he randomly said to me after another baby conversation, "So Mommy, you gonna push really hard?" I did a double-take and said, "wait, what?" 
"You gonna push really hard?" 
I have no clue where he got this from. LOL I started to go into an explanation of C-sections and then just decided to abandon ship. I answered, "Yup!" lol!!! 

Kids. :) 

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