Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Discipline Issues

So, we have a 3-year-old. He is so very 3. I am so over it.

I love Cole so much for his spunk, his sense of humor, his way with words, and his curiosity. But I am losing my patience with him and feel like all I do, most of the time, is yell. :( This is not good. Main issues are talking back, being rough/destructive with toys, and hurting Dean (while at other times he is so sweet with him - like today he made Dean a painting and Dean was so happy and kept playing with it :)). Him hurting Dean is so hard because while I am protective of both of my children, I particularly feel protective of Dean. I've had to, you know?

Today after preschool, his teacher told me that Cole had been knocking over other kids' block towers and crashing one of the cars in the play area into other kids. I know from my own teaching experience that this stuff is par for the course, but I just didn't want it to be my kid. She said that Cole is easy to redirect, so whatever we're doing at home must be working. Ummm, not so much. :/

She also said that Cole was complaining of being tired, which we hear a lot. I think he might legitimately be tired sometimes, but I think "tired" is a 3-year-old way of saying that he has other emotions he doesn't know what to do with. I try to help him express these emotions appropriately, which I know is difficult to do even for adults! But it just seems limitless.

Would love any thoughts/help from seasoned mamas (and papas!) out there. Just feeling STUCK.

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