Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Love in a Rug

I've been thinking a lot about this rug.

It was made by Chelsea, a smiley, friendly young woman who loves her friends and family. She also has PWS. This rug reminded me of when I was younger and my grandma showed me how to make latch-hook rugs like this. It was a calming, challenging activity that I quite enjoyed. So it brought back some memories. 

But, this rug made me smile because the heart and the bright colors make so much love shine through. Chelsea cares deeply about those around her and this rug is a reflection of that. 

It reminds me of my sweet Dean. He is such a little love-bug and likes to smile ear-to-ear at everyone, give hugs, and occasionally a slimy kiss. :) A lady at the park we went to today saw him and said, "He is just the sweetest, isn't he?" It was nice to know that others see the same sweetness we know of him. Love is all you need to touch others, and we know that Dean, like Chelsea, will touch many lives. <3

In other news, we are amassing quite the collection of preschool art here at home. I don't know what to do with all of it! I haven't let Cole do much painting at home (well, he does watercolors, but not big, bold tempera paints or anything) because I knew his time would come in school and there would be plenty of it. Well, now he's just going to town. lol He comes home with about four paintings a DAY and we are running out of places to display it. Here's the current rotation in the Cole Gallery: 

I love it. He also has become so much more imaginative just in the few weeks he's been in school. Cole is usually pretty literal (and by that I mean painfully literal - lol) and so this is a fun change for him. And he's suddenly obsessed with lions and firefighters. Here's a "costume" he made at home: 

I like the PJs + plastic hat + winter mittens + rainboots + vacuum hose combo! He was disappointed when I told him that the vacuum hose wasn't actually going to shoot water out of it. :) 

Tomorrow is Dean's first day of OT, finally! I'm so excited. It's at a horrible time, 1 pm, but we will do whatever is necessary if we can to have it and to have this particular OT. It will require careful manipulating of Dean's nap schedule, but I think I can swing it. :) 

Kids are great. :) 


Andrés Acosta said...

Love the "outfit".

And we just started PT a few weeks ago. I don't know if it's the extra PT session (we bumped from 2 to 3) and now having one OT too but Evan is making HUGE progress in all areas. Anyway, I'm happy Dean will be starting too and I hope it works out well.

Andrés Acosta said...

Oh and the rug is beautiful :).

Ali Foley Shenk said...

Perla, does Evan get 2 or 3 PT sessions a WEEK? That would be great! Dean only gets 6x/month.

Ali Foley Shenk said...

Dean's progress right now is soooooo, verrrrry slow. I'm trying to be patient, but surprise! it's not working. :/

Andrés Acosta said...

He was getting 2 PT/week. But 2 weeks ago we started 3 PT/Week and 1 OT/Week.

I feel like his progress was really slow for a while there but now he's coming along. It's impossible to be patient, period. We can only try but we're not 100% of the time so what?

IDK if it's been hot a lot by you (saw your post about the book fest) but not here and that does help. The heat zaps him too.