Wednesday, September 22, 2010

My Day

+2 = Bobby getting up with the boys so I can sleep, as always
 -1 = Feeling like there's still not enough caffeine in the world to keep me awake, and not being able to
         drink all of it anyway :)
 -2 = Cole having two full-out tantrums before 7:15am 
+1 = Cole being helpful for once while we get out the door
+1 = running errands just with Dean that were quiet and productive 
 -2 = Theratogs FAIL at PT. Dean just got floppy in them and then fell asleep :( (TheraTogs are a
         therapeutic suit that can be used with children with low tone to give stability, etc.... unless like in
         Dean's case, they completely overwhelm him). One point for the experience wasting PT time and
         another for the disappointment
 -2 = Getting a call during PT that Cole had fallen at school and had a bump on his head :( 
+1 = Finding out that Cole was fine and that the bump on his head was actually just his hematoma from
        when he got stuck in the birth canal :) 
+1 = Eating some perfectly ripe and sweet strawberries 
+1 = Picking Cole up at school and finding out that he was, indeed, fine and had a good day otherwise
+2 = Dean being awake for, and having, a fabulous first OT session. We really, really like his OT,
         Brenda. This also somewhat redeems today's PT session.
  0 = The boys taking what we call "junk naps," but really, I'm thankful they do nap (most days :)). So it
        balances out
+1 = Dean making a pouty lip and crying when I told him it was time to drink his milk. This is a +
         because he is communicating AND understanding, AND because I think babies doing the pouty
         lip are hysterical. lol
+1 = Making the most ridiculously tasty pumpkin chocolate muffins with Cole
+2 = Bob coming home and ending our day together as a family
+1 = Feeling baby E kick, all the time. :)
 -3 = Sitting down and crunching the numbers some more and realizing that Bob truly does need a new
         job sooner than later. Please pray. We are quite anxious about this. :/
+1 = Missing my kids while they're sleeping. 
+4 = The realization that I have a family I love and who loves me, food, clothes, and shelter (this is
         priceless, really, but I'm going on a point system here :))

Came out as a +9. In the end, it works. ;)

How did your day break down?


Janet Gulley said...

Ali. I looked up the theratogs. We did not use anything so complicated with Ayden Jane. I am sure they would have driven her nuts. We used something called hip helpers. They basically looked like little spandex bike shorts with a little tab that kept her from frogging out. Not hard to get on either.

Ali Foley Shenk said...

Yes, we have the Hip Helpers ... they *are* helping, but he's still SO froggy. The TheraTogs were *supposed* to give him stability throughout his whole body so that he wouldn't do things like throw his pelvis forward, hyperextend his knees, etc. But if it makes him turn into a puddle on the floor, that's sure not going to be helpful!

Candice said...

Graham's hates the theratog suit. They put it on him several x during PT and he freaked.

My day was like +1,000,000 yesterday. I wrote a blog about it today. I am feeling so blessed these days!

Ali Foley Shenk said...

Yay for +1,000,000, Candice!!! That's awesome. :) Love that you're in a great place.

Glad to know that Dean has company in the Theratog-haters club! lol