Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Another Kid, Another ER Visit :(

Today Cole had a dentist visit. That was my point of concern and would have been worthy of a post all in itself. I brought Cole to my dentist since it's a smaller, calmer office than the bright and loud pediatric dentist we went to before. I think the other office, while everyone was really nice, was just too much for him. So we chatted about it a lot, read books about the dentist, all the usual stuff we did for previous visits, but this time, it finally stuck.

Cole did great in the chair and was mostly cooperative save one part of the cleaning that was a little too "tickly" for him. I was so proud! We went out into the parking lot with Dean in the stroller and Cole walking beside me. I stopped on the sidewalk to turn to Cole and give him a hug and reiterate how well he'd done in the visit! I turn back (literally, this was 7 seconds or something?) and Dean is rolling in the stroller off the side of the curb, the stroller flips over and Dean lands face-down on the pavement. I started screaming, Cole started screaming, and Dean started screaming. I picked Dean off the ground and his mouth was all bloody and his face scuffed. I had no clue what the extent of the damage was to his sweet little face. :( We ran back inside and they were able to see that all his teeth were there and intact while someone called an ambulance. The EMTs showed up and said that he looked pretty good but that they wanted Dean to go to the hospital. Dean, Cole, and I all rode in the ambulance (which Cole thought was pretty cool - I was glad, but it was not the way I wanted him to see the inside of an ambulance!) to the hospital. Bob was working (there) so he met us in the ER and everyone took a look at Dean and ok'd us to go home. No loss of consciousness, appropriate crying after the incident, no vomiting, no excessive sleepiness (although this one is always a little hard to tell with PWS!). All was well. I cried most of this time. :(

I felt so guilty that Dean has been through so much and then due to my oversight, we were now in the ER for something totally unrelated. I was so worried that something was wrong with him that couldn't be fixed. But really, I would have felt horrible and sad for him no matter which of my kids this happened to. In the ambulance, the EMT took a history and said, "Does he have any medical issues we should know of?" Umm, yes, a big one. I told her he had PWS and got to do some education on the ride to the hospital (yes, through tears, and yes, I can't help myself!). But I realized that really, not much about PWS affected this whole ordeal with Dean. He was just a kid, who had an accident (thanks to his mommy :( ), as kids often do. Sigh. My mom reminded me that with three boys, this is likely not our last ER visit! Goodness, she's probably right. Lord, help me!

The moral of the story is that if you use a stroller, USE THE BRAKE if you take your hands off it even for a few seconds. The sidewalk was level and Dean must have swung himself forward to roll off the sidewalk (the stroller belt is only a lap one). It was terrifying.

And on a side note that deserves much more weight, Happy Birthday to my brother, Tim! (aka Doggo) He's the only bro (or sibling!) that I have and I'm grateful it's him. :)


Kevin said...

OK, I give you permission to stop beating yourself up. There ... that doesn't feel better all, does it? Your Mom is right! You and the ER will probably grow to know each other quite well, just like everyone who has boys.

Laurie said...

I know how scary that is! When my oldest was a baby, I had her strapped into a carseat and it was in a shopping cart at a pharmacy. I was sick, exhausted, had PPD, and was running in to get medicine. For some reason my brain just didn't register that I put her in the wrong part of the shopping cart and the whole cart tipped adn the carseat flipped out and she landed with her head onto the pavement. I was so hysterical that I could not stop crying and I thought I'd killed her because she didn't make a noise at first. She turned out fine, but I still have nightmares about it when I remember it!

Kate said...

Try to look at it in a positive light. One year ago he couldn\t move his head. Now he\s strong enough to move both himself and the stroller forward and off the sidewalk. Strong boy!

Candice said...

That must have been scary for you. Let go of that mommy guilt. No one is perfect!! Glad Dean is okay!