Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Back in the Saddle

Serious props to all of you who wrote me and told me that you read that entire post yesterday. That was LONG. :) We appreciate so much all those who are on this journey with us. :)

Today, my face is still burning and itching like crazy. I've tried a variety of remedies and the best so far is Eucerin Calming Cream. I don't know what's in that stuff (I only have a sample bottle right now, and it doesn't say), but it's great. I've had recurring eczema-like issues triggered by allergies since I was 3 months pregnant with Dean. Hoping I'm not going to end up on some "Mystery Diagnosis" episode with a persistent issue that baffles doctors left and right. I want more than relief - I want answers!

We gained a new piece of equipment in our living room - the Pony. This is the gait trainer that we'll be using at times with Dean to encourage standing and walking. He figured out how to make it go backwards today; it was humorous to watch him make his way in reverse across the room. Hopefully he'll like it and eventually figure out the whole forward-moving thing. :) I'll try to get a picture soon of him actually in it. It's adorable. I'm thankful that Jen was able to find one not currently in use at the therapy center because these things are thousands of dollars! We're trying to save up our durable medical equipment insurance allotment for other things. :)

Speaking of equipment, Dean is now going to get AFOs (see PWS glossary link above) hopefully in the next few weeks! These will go around his ankles and a little ways up his calves, but they will be giving him stability actually in his knees. I know that braces have a stigma for some, and I get that, but I'm excited for him to have anything that will help him experience new things. There's so much to explore!

Cole was so happy to see Dean and myself back this morning when he woke up. I missed that kid. He is LOVING school and asks to go every day. Heck, sometimes he comes back from school (it's 9-12) and after his nap, wants to go back in the afternoon. :) This is just perfect. I am so glad that he has that world to explore and learn about so many things. His imagination and questioning continue to make me smile. When he saw the gait trainer in our living room, he asked what it was used for and if I could show him. He had question after question about how it works. Love it. 

That's all for now. :)

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