Sunday, October 10, 2010

Being a Mom of Boys... And Apple Picking

When there are boys in the house, this is what gets built with blocks. All noises heard from the adjoining room can be presumed to involve wrestling and/or something resembling football. :) Best strategy is to remain in said adjoining room and to resist all temptation to "check" on them. Result of checking will almost always involve dread and fear. Better not to know whether they're hanging from the ceiling or building a bridge between the crib and the bed. Just better not to know. 

Everyone keeps telling me that boys are loyal to their mamas. We'll see. Cole normally doesn't want a whole lot to do with me, but at the end of a busy day, Cole wanted to snuggle. On the living room floor. Whatever, he's not my snuggler, so I'll take it. :) 

I don't know if you'll be able to read this, but it's hilarious. I don't care much for the comics anymore, but "Baby Blues" is occasionally quite clever... maybe even funny. This so describes where my brain is these days.
In case you can't see it, the daughter asks the mom, "Mom, is Dar es Salaam still the capital of Tanzania?"
Mom: "I don't know." 
Daughter: "What? I thought you knew everything!" 
Mom: "No, not everything." 
Then the dad enters and asks her a series of questions: "Honey, have you seen my keys?"
Mom: "On the dresser." 
Dad: "What was the thing I was trying to remember?"
Mom: "Ping-Pong balls." 
Dad: "When is the school recital?"
Mom: "Tuesday night." 
Dad: "Don't let me forget to... um..."
Mom: "Go to the bank."
Dad: "Right, thanks." 
Mom turns back to the kids (who were watching all this) and says, "...just the important stuff." :)

Backing up a bit... apple picking! Carter Mountain Orchard was unbelievably busy and it was HOT. Poor Dean nearly melted in the heat, as usual. I'm getting tired of the hot weather and want him to be able to be outside without melting. :( But we had great fun with my parents and Tim and Natalie. Not to mention we got to meet up with another great PWS family, the Hendersons! Cole loved meeting their son, Zach, and afterward told me, "Mommy, he's cute. And he looks like Deano." I said, "Yes, yes he does, sweetie," and smiled. Of course I didn't explain WHY they look alike. :) I continue to be amazed at how we can meet people who have in common with us a child with similar missing DNA... and it feels like we've been close friends for life. As Bob said, we just kind of see the world in the same way. No pictures with the Hendersons, but pictures of the hunt for apples! (aka lots of walking)

Up the hill...

 Cole getting decked out for the picking

 Back down the hill after getting some tasty Fujis...

 Tim saves the day and gets the apples that are high up. Note to self: bring apple picker next year!

 Again, Deano melting in the heat

Here's to hoping it feels like Fall again soon. :) 

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Anonymous said...

Fun day! It is so hard for me to imagine picking apples in the sweltering heat. It just doesn't mesh in my head. If you check out my fall fun album, you can see what WE were wearing this weekend outside.

Mom of boys.... chuckle... I so get it. And Deano is such a cutie, even when he's melting. :)