Friday, October 15, 2010

Child Art and the Joy of Creation

Cole came home today from school with a bag of art projects that he has done at preschool. It might as well have been a bag of gold. When I was a preschool teacher, I loved looking at the pieces my students would create, and I saved quite a bit of it for some time. I still have some pieces from them. It was cute and even sentimental, but that was it.

Seeing my own child bring things home that he has made seriously makes my heart swell. I love it. And I don't love it because I think he's the next Picasso or anything like that - it's just something he made, an extension of him, the kid I love so much. It makes me gush.

I think of the story in the Bible where God looks upon the people he made and he declares them, "very good." I'm not saying I'm God :), but in a similar way, I love watching my kids and the things they make. Noises, art, silly games, just being themselves... it's a truly joyful, wonderful thing. I look at them sometimes and despite all the craziness we deal with, I feel like things are perfect. :) It wasn't a perfect day, but there is so much still that is just so... good.

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Sarah said...

Your post made me get teary!