Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Development Abounds

Dean had PT and OT today. We are increasing the frequency of PT to twice a week and OT is twice a month. Speech is going to be once a week. It's a lot of therapy, but if he needs it, we want him to have it. I think we could have increased to this a long time ago, but it's been a balancing act to navigate the system. We're learning as we go - what parent isn't?

Dean is just on fire today. He has signed "all done" and "more" before, but today he signed "all done" clear as day. Then he suddenly realized that his hands were near each other and he started clapping! You should have seen how proud he was. The smiles were contagious.

The gait trainer is not going so well just yet. Dean's not too interested in standing fully in it, so he only pushes off and goes backwards. We're going to stick with it. It might just be a matter of time and getting him to realize the full range of uses for the gait trainer.

Dean is pulling to stand all over the place. I can't even tell you what joy it brings me to see him on his feet. Thinking about him as a newborn, so weak and floppy that he couldn't barely move his arms and legs (couldn't move his head at all), I don't know if I ever imagined him being up and on his feet. It blows me away.

On Monday, we're going to the orthopedist to get a prescription for orthotics and move forward with that. I'm excited! And I'm so thankful for our PT and for others who speak "Orthopedese." This is one specialty I know pretty much nothing about - but I'm learning. :)

And he figured out how to yell. I mean, he yells sometimes, but now he is REALLY yelling. I never thought I'd be so excited to hear one of my children just SCREAM! LOL And when Cole bursts into uncontrollable belly laughs, I love it even more.

In OT, Dean is learning how to be more purposeful with his movements and is trying to put the coins in his little piggy bank toy.
He tries really hard to put the coins in and when you rest the coin in the slot, he can easily push it in. At one point, he decided to try it a couple of times using his forehead to push the coin in. We got a good laugh. It was very deliberate - he's a clever little guy! 

So I feel like we're in a good place. Things are moving forward. I'd love him to be talking more, but we're working on it. The strength I feel in his body and the range of his personality are just thrills. They are among the many "little" blessings we experience all the time that I just don't take for granted. :)


Candice said...

Sounds like he is doing great. Think of him 1 yr ago, now imagine where he'll be a year from now! That's what I like to do anyway... :)

Janet Gulley said...

Hooray for Deano! So fun to hear about his little personality finding a way to communicate.

Kera said...

Yeah Dean! It is so exciting when they make that connection with the signs. You are not alone in being excited for the screams. I laugh every time Delilah lets one out. Can't wait to hear what Dean accomplishes next!

Angela said...

Signs were the key for us too! Awesome that he is pulling to stand, go Dean!