Monday, October 18, 2010

Getting Fitted

Today we went to the orthopedist to get his recommendation on orthotics for Dean. Fortunately, he agreed with our PT to get an AFO that comes up to just below Dean's knee and has a hinged ankle. I don't really know what this means except that we're going to need to get him really long socks to prevent chafing. :) I love this doc, Dr. Mark Romness from UVa. He's super smart and yet can communicate well with you. He is all business one minute and switches right into being super-friendly the next. He gave Dean a thorough exam and then a thorough tickling. That's my kind of doctor. :)

We then went down the hall to the orthotist to get Dean casted and measured. This process was not really that long, but I had to keep Dean perfectly still while making sure Cole didn't destroy everything else in the room. Hence why I got no pictures. :( But we picked out super-cute green braces with blue velcro and coordinating blue/green dinosaur print. It was like picking out paint chips for walls except... it wasn't at all like that. lol The girl in me was excited to match the base, velcro and print options. Hey, I'm having a third boy, I need to channel whatever girlyness I have!

The orthotics will be made in about 3 weeks and then we'll get to go make sure they fit and get them trimmed down. Any recommendations for shoes are welcome! I'd love to find a shoe that doesn't cost a fortune, but I also know that that might be asking a lot. A girl can wish. :)

In the meanwhile, Dean hates the gait trainer. lol He mostly just shlumps around in it like this and then eventually starts crying when he wants out. Not sure if it'll catch on with him.

But hey, he looks cute in a Yoda hat. lol (I know, totally random)

And in other random news, Bob and the boys had a good time cutting up our pumpkin the other day. Well, Dean wasn't really interested, but Cole shrieked in delight throughout with all the pumpkin goo. 


Kera said...

Yeah for a great doctor! It is sad how few and far between they are.

As for shoes, our PT has always said to find shoes with good arch support and flexibility (basically not too stiff). We found a great pair at Babies R Us for $12. Even our PT loved them. There are always more expensive choices, but who wants that! I will keep my eyes peeled next time I am there if you can't find anything.

MommaKristi said...

Thanks for commenting on the blog...yes we have a Cole now too!! Looks like things are going great in your neck of the woods too!!! Love your E name and I can't get over how big Dean is getting and how well he's doing...he is a cute Yoda!!!