Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Independent Play and the Cat Woman

The end of the nap: I fear that the end of Cole's nap is here. On school days, he's often worn out enough that he'll crash for maybe an hour after lunch. On non-school days, well, it's anyone's guess. I'm grateful that Cole has taken a nap for this long considering that he gave them up for awhile at 12 months old! Sometimes he just tries to hang on and then falls asleep, you know, with his Yoda hat on in the living room:
After all, even Yoda in all his wisdom gets tired sometimes. Those witty sayings take work. 

Dealing with no nap while avoiding insanity involves complicated, sophisticated equipment... like an Amazon shipping box with accompanying brown crinkly paper. 

Boxes never really used to hold the magic for Cole that they seem to for most other children. But now that he actually uses this crazy thing called his *imagination,* a simple box becomes a train or a plane or whatever he wants. Love it. 

Dean will only stand when no one is looking, little booger. We look over and see things like this: 

The blue things on his legs are the TheraTogs. We only put them on his legs because he won't tolerate any more of the suit. It comes with about a jillion pieces that you can put on various parts of the body to give stability and hold parts in proper alignment. And TWICE today, Dean stood on his own (not holding onto anything) for 2 seconds. It wasn't a default, time-from-when-I-let-go-until-he-hit-the-ground stand. He made a correction, then paused and fell. We'll take it. :) 

I find myself more often these days letting my boys play on their own. I still talk their ears off and interact with them plenty. But I find that on their own, they develop such a rhythm to their play and their engagement with their toys and with each other, my adult-ness just seems to get in the way. They'll only be little for so long and I love to watch them do their thing. Try it with your own kids, if you have them - or heck, with anyone's kids - step back and watch. Learn from them. Take notes. Their little brains are pretty neat. 

The crazy rash on my face that went to my eyes is now on my lips. I look like I got a bad collagen injection. Here's my attempt as a smile (no really, I was trying, but my lips wouldn't move):
I'm thinking that if the swelling doesn't go down soon, people might mistake me for the woman who got plastic surgery to look like a cat: 
Ok, just kidding, she's (sad and) scary. I have to laugh about these things though, you know? 
My OB said that it's likely just my immune system freaking out because I'm pregnant and it's hyper-sensitive. It's really been a fairly easy pregnancy, so I guess this rash is my "thing" this time around. See previous post and add another reason why this will be our last biological child. lol

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