Saturday, October 2, 2010

Off to Florida!!

Not on vacation. :) Tomorrow, Dean and I are flying to Gainesville, Florida via Charlotte to see Dr. Miller and her team. As you might know, Dr. Miller is an awesome pediatric endocrinologist at the University of Florida who has LOTS of experience with PWS (as in, she has hundreds of patients with PWS). We see her once a year and do the rest by phone and email. We're going to be meeting on Monday with her, the dietitian, the speech therapist, and the sleep expert/pulmonologist (still no word on Dean's last sleep study, by the way). I'm eager to see them and nervous at the same time. Eager because Dr. Miller is just awesome and LOVES kids with PWS. Guaranteed, the first thing she will do is give Dean a hug (if he doesn't beat her to the punch) and then go about examining him and such. She is so optimistic and hopeful for our kids, which is a far cry from the attitude of many doctors who see kids with PWS. At the same time, she is not afraid to tell you the truth; I appreciate both qualities about her because I know she knows her stuff AND she cares.

Because we go only once a year, it's kind of an annual check-in to see how Dean is doing. His therapists and doctors are quite proud of him, as are we. :) But we still have some questions, and we're hoping to get some answers. Should be good. Don't know how much I'll be able to update when I'm there, but otherwise, we'll see you in a few days!

In other news, Dean is sort of babbling! It's slower than your typical babababa, etc., but it's very deliberate and very cute. It's nice to hear his sweet little voice. :)


Sarah said...

Yay for Dean babbling! I'm so uber jealous of your trip to see Jennifer. Give her a hug for me and Lillian :).

Unknown said...

Babbling! What a milestone!

Have a wonderful, productive trip.

Kevin said...

If you can't understand his babbling, take comfort in the fact that if he twittered you, you would not understand either. A text message might be understood. Nah.