Saturday, October 9, 2010

A Restful Saturday

Now that it's Saturday, I feel like I've finally recovered from our Florida trip. lol My rash is finally dying down a bit and is only in my eyes. Thank goodness for Benadryl cream and Eucerin Calming Cream. I might have to tell the Eucerin people that I'm in love with them. Maybe they'll send me coupons! ha!!

Thanks for all who asked about Bob's interview on Friday. It seemed to go well, and so now we're just waiting for a call from the recruiter about the next step of interviews. It's always a funny thing, whenever we go through the job search process. We feel so limited in what is in our control, because who knows what else is out there and who knows what any individual employer is looking for? We originally were going to try to stay in the Virginia area, but I think we've mentioned that we're opening up the geographical search by... well, a lot. It would be easier to stay here, but we know that we can't be entirely picky. And of course, there's lot of waiting in this process, which as you know is not my strong point. Basically, the whole process just tweaks my nerves.

Cole had his first playdate outside of school today with another boy from his class. It's funny to watch three-year-olds play together... they take toys from one another, yell at one another, and tackle each other. Yet, they'll still call each other friends. lol We continue to encourage Cole to use his words instead of screaming or grabbing or whatever. He's made much progress, but he's still 3. :)

Dean is doing all sorts of great things. He can hold two objects in his hands and bang them together (have I mentioned this yet? it's all a blur), and is not as interested in standing, but instead is making lots of fun sounds. He feels more solid and strong when you pick him up, which is great. I think back to when he was a floppy, limp infant and I can't believe he's so much stronger now. He's getting quite frustrated about communicating sometimes and screams because he can't tell us what he wants. Looking forward to his signing picking up eventually so that he won't get so frustrated with communicating.

That's the update!


Unknown said...

I noticed that when I held him last week...he is so much stronger than 6 months ago!
You are lucky you made it to the Carter's Mounting...people were being turned away I heard!

Ali Foley Shenk said...

thanks, LF! He really IS so much stronger. It's a great thing!!!

Yeah, the mountain was nuts. I think next year we'll just go during a regular time. :)