Thursday, October 7, 2010

Scattered Pieces

I don't have a lot of good things to say about today. Both kids were acting funny and Cole's behavior in particular was oh-so-3-year-old. Even Dean was putting up a fight about everything: brushing teeth, eating, getting dressed, you name it. It's a conspiracy!

I filed a report with the BBB about the hotel in Gainesville and I am hoping to contact Expedia as well (I booked the trip with my "three-star hotel" through them) and get a full refund for the hotel.

Good news is that we got Accredo, our mail-order pharmacy that delivers Dean's GH, to accept Dean's Medicaid as secondary insurance and take care of our copays. It'll save us about $600 a year. I'll take it!

Bob has a job interview tomorrow that we would love prayers for. I'm grateful that he's going to be home for three days (which sadly will be the longest we've had of both being home together in forever!) and we are looking forward to some apple picking at the Apple Harvest Festival on Sunday! Check out Carter Mountain Orchard's website for more details! Super fun.

The rash on my face is still here with a vengeance. I have a crazy lymph node on my jawline that gets big and sore whenever I'm fighting off a cold or am actively sick. It's been swollen for the past few days pretty intensely, so I'm thinking my body is definitely stressed out from all this!

Tonight's activity is completing a 4-hour online driver's improvement course. This is so I don't get 3 points on my driver's record from the speeding ticket I got in Florida. I found out that I could contest the ticket through a written appeal, but if they find me guilty anyway, they could impose a penalty of up to $500 (!!!!) on top of the fine from the citation. Wowsers. So I'm completing the course (which costs $25) to get the points off my license and I still have to pay the $194 fine. :/

I think something in my little universe is out of balance. This has been a nutty week!


Candice said...

Here's to the weekend to end a lowsy week!

I just said a prayer for Bob's interview. Best wishes!!

Anonymous said...

GL to Bob on his interview!

Also, your face ailment sounds like what I went through several years ago - an allergy to formaldehyde! It ALWAYS flares up when I stay in hotels (their industrial surface cleaners always do it) as well as when I travel (again, industrial cleaners). I never had it before, but once it started, the littlest things set it off that never bothered me before) A few days of antihistamines usually clear it right up for me along with wet compresses for my eyes (which have swelled closed on me before)!

Here's hoping a nice fall weekend will turn things around for you!

horace said...

Hey Ali - sorry your week is so nutty. I couldn't believe you got a ticket on top of the horrible hotel and then there is the whole rash thing. EEK. Sorry sounds overwhelming...