Thursday, October 21, 2010

Skin Solutions, Silliness, and Speech

Yup, more rash talk. Went to the doc and they said it's definitely related to my history of eczema (had it badly as a kid) and being pregnant. I made a joke about being allergic to being pregnant and the doc said, "Well, you might be half-right. Sometimes people's bodies do things like this when it's just been a little too much." :( I still have 14 weeks to go! Anyway, two doctors looked at the rash and said that it seems to be a few different kinds of eczema plus a secondary infection on top of it. Sweet. They really don't want me to take Prednisone unless absolutely necessary while pregnant. They gave me a topical steroid, topical antibiotic, and Zyrtec. Really hoping this helps. Here's a picture from today.

Yup, that's the real deal. In the meanwhile, I'm trying to make an appointment with a dermatologist, but everyone is crazy booked. Still looking!

All right, enough about that. 

Some random pictures of the kiddos because I love them: 

I forget who Cole said he was trying to be in this picture. And yes, my 3-year-old still uses a sippy cup. I have no shame. Do YOU want to clean up the mess if I give him a regular cup to walk around? :) 

Dean loves to crawl up the wedge now and climb on things. He used to need help getting up the wedge, but he can do it all by himself now. :) 

Cole said he was Buzz Lightyear here. I think the strainer on his head is supposed to be like Buzz's bubble: 

Similar. :) 

Cole drew a boat. We weren't allowed to erase this for days!

Reaching.... a beautiful sight. :) 

We're making some changes with speech for Dean. Reluctantly, we decided to switch speech therapists. It wasn't personal, which made the decision harder; but we just feel like a different approach is needed for Dean during this phase. We're in the process of choosing someone else. It's a little nerve-wracking because like choosing other things, you don't always know what's going to work until you see it in action. 

Dean still doesn't really have any words, but makes approximations in response to things we say - words that sound like "hi," "uh-huh," and are used appropriately. But we could be imagining it, too. He has said, "da" and "ma" appropriately just once... music to our ears! He responds to us signing and talking but still uses only 1 or 2 signs and inconsistently. I believe there is so much locked away in that cute little brain that wants to come out. We're getting there. 

In the meanwhile, I purchased the first two volumes of the Baby Signing Times DVDs. Love, love, love. The music is adorable and signs are grouped into relevant categories. The "teacher" (or whatever you want to call her) sings and signs a word and then they show real kids making the sign so you know what it could look like with your kid. The boys love watching other kids do the signs and Cole is just as interested as is Dean (sometimes more so :))! I've been able to pick-up or being reminded of a whole bunch of really relevant signs. Now we need to get volumes 3 and 4! Totally would recommend these for kids AND anyone wanting to sign with the kids.


Candice said...

Wow, you poor thing! What topical steroid did they put you on? I had a rash on my face and the gave me a topical steroid that contained fluride (cutivate cream). I broke out soooooo bad. I went to a derm and he said you should NEVER use a fluoridatd steroid on the face.

Cole's buzz lightyear and boat drwing are awesome.

Dean looks so cute on his wedge. :)

Ali Foley Shenk said...

Candice, they gave me Triamcinolone 0.1%. I just was emailing with a derm friend and she said no fluoride on the face either! Guess I need a new toothpaste!

BTW, Bob met a family at the hospital the other day whose kid had a 18q situation and another chromosome as well. I told him if he came into contact with them again that we could put them into contact with someone (you!) if they wanted. Hope that's ok (I didn't give out your info or anything)! I don't even think he'll see them again, but anyway.

horace said...

Ali - so sorry about the rash. It looks so painful :( And we LOVE baby signing times. We have eight of them and they are seriously Olivia's favorite thing. I feel like they are so helpful with speech and communication in general. Olivia often asks for "Rachel" or will sing the baby, baby song. I admit to being sick to death of them, but they were fun for a good while :)

Candice said...

I use Burts Bees.

Yes, please give them my info. My email address is fine. :)