Wednesday, October 20, 2010

This Crazy Rash

Tired of hearing about my rash? I'm tired of dealing with it. It is all flared up again and looks like a chemical burn on my face. I tried taking pictures, but they don't *quite* come out. Blogger disabled photo uploads right now, so you will be spared from seeing it for now! I'm going back to the doctor now because oddly, having your face feel like it's on fire all day can start to make you feel a little loony. Things I've tried already: 

-liquid Benadryl
-Benadryl cream
-Eucerin Calming Creme
-Motherlove cream
-extra-virgin olive oil (yup, straight on my face)
-Rx cortisone
-Florasone (natural alternative to cortisone)
-avocado oil 
-ice packs (takes the edge off the inflamed, hot feel my face has)
-allergy eye drops

I know there's more, but that's the short list. :/ So I'm going back to the doctor tomorrow to see if there's anything else in their arsenal to give me. The rash I had on my finger that developed while I was pregnant with Dean (and still hasn't gone away) is flaring up as well, so it's clearly something systemic. I think I'm allergic to being pregnant... only half-kidding. If there was any doubt that this is my last pregnancy, that doubt has been removed! The crazy thing is that pregnancy-wise, I feel fine other than this!

The silver lining from yesterday's situation... I was discussing with Jen in PT why (thankfully) Dean did not have a concussion or break anything in his face from falling face-first off a curb and straight onto the pavement. She tested his balance reactions, which we haven't looked at in awhile, and when she simulated the face-first fall, Dean put out his hands to catch himself every single time! I was so thankful. THAT is why he did not hurt himself more. I know this might seem like a small deal to some, but kids with PWS typically don't have great (or sometimes any) balance reactions. Their bodies don't do the things everyone else does to protect yourself when you fall. But he did! I am so grateful. :) 

Also, Dean is starting to cruise!! It's haphazard and he often gets so excited that he tries to do too much and falls, but he's doing it! I love it. So proud of this kid. He works his butt off to get stronger and stronger while his muscle tone still lags way behind. 

I wanted to post some other pictures of Cole's recent imagination and how much he cracks me up. I know he doesn't get as much "face time" in this blog since it's mostly about having a child with special needs, but I like to highlight him, too. Darn Blogger.

Oh, and Emmett's apparently trying to escape through my belly button. I guess he wants to say hi, too. :) 


Candice said...

I hope your rash gets better soon. That sounds sooo frustrating!!

Sarah Call said...

Ali, are you going to your OBGYN or a dermatologist? At this point I think you need to see derm. Just my opinion.

Ali Foley Shenk said...

I'm going to see my PCP so I can get a referral to a derm. :/