Friday, November 12, 2010

28-Week Appointment

Today I had my 28-week OB appointment. I had to chug the wondrous glucose solution, show up to my appointment, and then go get my blood drawn to check for gestational diabetes (GD). I was totally calm going into the appointment. Then the questions came:

So, you're having another c-section?
Are you having your tubes tied?
Are you planning to breastfeed?
Yes (why are we asking this now?)
Do you know if this baby is a boy or a girl?
Are you going to have him circumcised?
Umm, yes. (again, caught me off-guard)

Did I pass? :/


I'm measuring two weeks ahead, and the OB I saw today said, "Well, you're kind of big." (Thanks?) I suddenly went from calm to freaking out because this was the beginning of the 'end' of sorts with my "normal" pregnancy with Dean. However, Mr. Emmett is still moving a LOT more than Dean ever was and so I don't think we have another baby with PWS on our hands. Of course, I'm just worried about the "everything else" that could come up. Also, I'm gaining significantly more weight than I did with either pregnancy before, and I'm not really doing anything differently. :/ The Seroquel I'm on definitely could contribute to the weight gain, and diabetes can also be a side effect, so I was grateful to be doing a GD screen this appointment *anyway.*

Rather than wait another two weeks, the OB wanted me to come back in a week to get re-measured and see what's going on. I'm grateful for this, and so now my goal for the week is to focus on other things and not worry about this. Good luck to me! The other possible explanation is just that I'm carrying a bigger baby this time. I told Bob a few days ago that I thought Emmett was probably a bigger baby because there just seems to be more human in me this time. He was up in my ribs by 23 weeks, which is early even for my short-waisted-5'1" self. I was 9 lbs., 1oz. myself (sorry, Mom) and so it wouldn't be unheard of to be having a bigger baby.

Cole was 7 lbs. 6 oz. at 42 weeks.
Dean was 5 lbs. 11 oz. at 35 weeks.
If you even it out, my kids are getting bigger. Can you tell I'm desperate for an explanation? Welcome to my brain. I like explanations. It's a disease in itself.

UVa now has electronic charts and you can access your own medical records online. I get an email when test results come in, so I checked mine out and called my med-tech momma to review the results. :) I'm anemic, surprise surprise, and my glucose was 126. The value for that was to be under 135, so *hopefully* that means I'm good to go, but it's possible that I'll have to move forward with the 3-hour test. We'll see.

We'll take any prayers you would like to fling in our direction. My gut says that the baby is fine and that I'm likely ok myself, and I didn't have that gut feeling with Dean. But it still all freaks me out to have any possible looming wrong-ness. I just want a normal pregnancy.

In happier news, I have two cute little boys. Oh wait, you know all about them! I took pictures of them at bedtime. Cole wanted the experience documented.
Dean plays peek-a-boo every night with his blanket. lol

Also, Dean did a jigsaw puzzle today. Kind of. I took out the 6 pieces of this puzzle:
And there is a picture of each vehicle underneath. Then I gave him one piece at a time and he knew where every piece went!! I was amazed!! He was able to get the fire truck in all by myself, but the rest I had to help him with the fine motor skills of it. But he put each piece on top of the picture where it was supposed to go! Made me crack up because I remember learning when Dean was diagnosed that kids with PWS were good with jigsaw puzzles. LOL I guess they were right? 

I leave you with a Cole in a kangaroo costume. He and his class went to the Discovery Museum today! (Refraining from pictures of other kids since I didn't ask other parents permission)

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