Thursday, November 11, 2010

AFOs, Day One

We got Dean's AFOs yesterday. I was so excited. Anything that helps Dean is something I'm on board with! But it was one of those things though that was way more exciting as an idea than it was when it actually happened. lol We went to UVa and the orthotist showed us how to put them on. It took me quite a bit of practice to get Dean's heel ALL the way in - kinda like putting on a ski boot, but more refined. Our instructions were to put them on for 1-2 hours, 3x/day and work up from there. Here they are!

Then today we went to the mall and found shoes that we *think* are going to work for Dean. Both boys were really patient as I tried to JAM his feet into them. I was tempted to throw them across the room, but I wisely resisted. :) Sigh. I am really hoping (and expecting that) this is going to get easier as we go along. And while Dean was patient the first time, he was NOT patient about having them on. I anticipated this would happen. Jen said that initially he might get frustrated because he would feel like they were holding him back. And that was certainly the case. He didn't know that he could stand with them on and just kept whining and crying about them like we had tied lead weights to his feet. :( Again, hoping this will just take time for him to get used to them. Here are some action shots (and yes, the house was a complete mess today. Take a deep breath and deal with it :)): 

Dean needs some patience with these things. I have NO idea where he got a lack of patience from. ::whistling:: 

Dean's fine motor skills are continuing to develop as well. He's figured out the stacking rings on the traditional stacking toy and we are going to move on to simple puzzles and shape sorters. So exciting! It's so fun to "watch" the wheels turning in his head and know that there's all sorts of good stuff going on up there. :) 

And I want to say thanks for all the interest and concern about baby Luke. The adoption agency has received a lot of calls and there are some very promising families who are moving forward with adopting him. Hoping he finds his forever home very soon. 

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