Monday, November 1, 2010

Cole Time

So, we started a marble jar for Cole. This was at the advice of other mom friends on a message board I frequent. If Cole makes a "good choice" - anything from doing something when asked the first time or being nice to his brother, even the absence of a usual unhelpful behavior - he gets a marble. If he makes a "bad choice," a marble gets taken away. When he gets to 20 marbles in his jar, he gets a little prize. It was going ok the first few days and then yesterday he lost a lot of marbles (and as my dad said, maybe *I* did, too :)). So today we went to CVS to get some other things and they had little toy vehicles, which Cole LOVES. He picked out a military tank and that is his reward to look to in getting 20 marbles. We'll see how it goes!

I had Cole's first parent/teacher conference today with his teacher, Miss Megan. We talked about Cole's friends in the class and how Cole *loves* the dress-up area. This is hilarious for a kid who maybe 6 months ago didn't ever want to dress up as anything! He was far too literal. :) Miss Megan also said that Cole loves the art table, but only when the project involves something edible. lol Sounds about right! For Dean being the one who is "supposed to" be preoccupied with food, my Cole is ALWAYS eating!

Miss Megan said that above all, Cole comes to school excited about each day, is so friendly and inclusive to all, and "has a good heart." Gush gush gush. That made my heart incredibly happy. And I know it's true. As I've said, even with his behavior lately, I truly believe that Cole is a good, sweet kid underneath. :) Nice that someone else notices that, too!

(Cole with my brother :))

Things Miss Megan said he needs to work on are: knowing (and responding to) the difference between what is a 'big deal' and what is a 'little deal' (we totally see this at home), and getting out the "sillies" in an appropriate way (again, we see this at home). Also, Cole sometimes gets so excited about his friends that he often needs to learn to give them a *little* bit more space. He doesn't always know that they can want space from him and still really like him as a friend.

Anyway, overall, a very good conference. I'm so proud. :)

The fun thing about being 3 is that Cole "gets" what it means to have a baby more so than he did last time. He got to feel Emmett kick tonight and asked about how baby Emmett was going to come out. He asked if I was going to "push real hard." LOL I ended up telling him that Mommy has surgery to get her babies out, and that's what will happen this time, too. He'll get to spend some time with Bidon and Daddy and it will be fun. He wants baby Emmett to sleep in his bed. :) So sweet.

One more thing! As evidence of Cole's newer-found creativity, here is a song he made up the other day when he was missing Bob. I'm pretty sure he made it up because he was pausing between lines to think of how the next one could go:
(to the tune of Frere Jacques)
Where is Daddy?
Where is Daddy?
He's at work,
He's at work,
He is coming home soon,
He is coming home soon,
Yes he is,
Yes he is. :)

I thought that was pretty good!


Unknown said...

Being happy to go to school is the biggest gift: all the other stuff will fall into place! Sounds like a great report.

Carolyn said...

That song is fantastic for a 3 yr old. I'm impressed!