Saturday, November 6, 2010

Coming Full Circle

I'm in New York this weekend for my cousin Adam's wedding - yes, just me! I miss my boys a ton. :( But I'm glad to have a little bit of time to breathe.

Anyway, Bob and I have been talking a lot about his job search. In the beginning, we admittedly weren't crazy about the idea of staying in Charlottesville. That, however, was before we really got settled. Now in Cville we have friends who we like, a great school for Cole (and a school that is willing to work with Dean for next year!!), great therapists for Dean, the trust of Dean's doctors, not to mention that it's beautiful and that family isn't that far away... and we don't want to leave. The catch? There are pretty much no jobs for Bob in Cville. So we are trying to figure out the balance of which factors are most important in this horrible economy - what can we really budge on and what NEEDS to happen? We want to find a new job ASAP because Bob's current job will be ending in August and doesn't even really pay enough as it is right now. We're starting to feel desperate. There are so many variables to consider and we're having a hard time hearing from God on which ones are most important. Probably not hearing well because we probably aren't listening well. :/ So oddly, we are now wanting to stay exactly where we are and where our children are so comfortable, but we know that that might not be all in the plan. At this point, I'm begging, please pray for us or help Bob find a job. We'd be in this position no matter what with his residency ending, but having a baby coming obviously ups the ante on this one. And we knew this, so no 'woe is us.' We just really didn't think it would be this hard to find work post-residency.

And for those who didn't hear the story, here's an example of why it just makes so much sense for Bob to be a chaplain. He recently had a patient who had a long conversation with him about where he was in life and how he was really depressed with his circumstances. Bob asked how serious he was about his depression and the man tried to reassure him that things were ok. They talked for some time and then went their own ways. Bob later received a letter from the man saying that that day he was planning on just jumping in front of a train and ending it all, but that their conversation was the difference between life and death. Bob had no lofty intentions for the conversation, just to walk alongside the man, and it meant the difference between life and death. How amazing!! I am so proud of him. If you hear of anyone who wants to hire a chaplain or something related, let us know!!


Matt said...

I (and "we", I'm sure :)) definitely hear you on the whole "which things are higher priority/more essential than others..." point. Will definitely be keeping you guys in prayer as the process continues.

And also: go, Bob!!! :) What an amazing story. Please pass along to him how proud I am of his ministry, and miss you guys :).
- Matt

Kevin said...

I'm more convinced that God makes you into who you need to be working for His Kingdom. That may sound obvious, but Bob likely will never have a job as a chaplain, as that he will be paid to do what he would do "on auto pilot" anyways. If you want any notes on what it is like to live apart from each other for awhile, let me know.

Katie said...

Ali, It would be wonderful if you folks could stay in C'ville. I have been praying for a job for both Bob and my Kevin who thinks he should move back to Rochester. We need to leave it up to the Master. That is so awesome about Bob ministering to that man. We never know when God will use us.


Ali Foley Shenk said...

Thanks, Grandma!!! Keep praying. We know in our heads that God provides, but it's awfully hard to wait to see that plan unfold!! We would love to stay here in Cville now that it's starting to feel like home.