Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Ophthalmology, Shmophthalmology - spell THAT three times

Dean had an appointment with ophthalmology this morning just to check on any (alert: technical term) googly-eye or strabismus (eye-crossing) issues. Our appointment was at 9:30. We walked into the waiting room and it resembled those I've seen in third-world countries. We're not in Kansas anymore... We waited a LONG time and finally were seen. At this point, Dean of course was ready for a nap and so was FIGHTING sleep (actually, I think we were fighting him - he seemed to be on sleep's team) and the docs were having to pry open his eyes. Dean was obviously not happy about this. Lots of protesting and a bit of crying. They dilated his eyes - Dean was NOT happy about that, and I can't say I blame him. We went back out to the waiting room and then were sent back in. Dean resisted, flailed, and cried to the point that we had to pin him down. :( It really was not fun. I was so tempted to call it off, but the wait was so horrendous and I didn't want to put him through this *again.* Hate it. He screamed and cried and eventually just fell totally asleep. Oddly, at this point they were able to do a great eye exam on him. lol

It was funny because often with issues with PWS, you raise information that you know about the syndrome and the docs just nod and look at you like you're making it up and move on. Today, they kept saying to me things like, "Well, since you're so concerned about his eyes, we can do" x, y, and z. I assured them that I was actually NOT worried at all and not losing sleep over this issue. I just simply wanted him checked because Dr. Miller and I and some others noticed a bit of googliness. It's intermittent, self-resolving, follows no particular pattern - it just happens. Not worried. So things look good, but they want us to come back in a few months to see the peds ophthalmologist. Yes, apparently these weren't the peds people. They said it's just "how they do things." Ugh. So we're, I guess, coming back in March. I'll send a body-double. Three hours in that place and we were all fried.

Serious props to a certain little Cole who was AMAZING during this ridiculous wait and appointment. He was really great. I'm really so proud of him. He did his usual big brother duty of approaching the docs when they made his little brother cry. "What are you doing to him?!" It's so sweet when he does that. Those boys are such good buddies, it makes my heart swell with pride. :)


Always on the clock said...

I know what that wait is like. I've had to take my little girl in to the pediatric Opthalmologist for the same type of exam and I felt like I was in that office for weeks!

Congrats for getting through it, and a gold star for both Cole and Dean!

Kevin said...

In this day and age, especially when you are talking about small children, it would seem that the doctor's offices would get a clue. At least at Olive Garden, you get a little beeping LED thing that alerts you when it is time to return. Then you can walk around and keep the nice fresh kids you had when you started from total decomposition. Only at the doctor's office and the county fair do you have to make sure everything is deep fried before consumption.

Ali Foley Shenk said...

I know, right? How hard would it really be?