Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Speech Stuff... and Marble Jar Update

Had our third session with Dean's new speech therapist today. She's great. So much energy, so dynamic, really interactive. I think Dean isn't quite sure what to do with her just yet... he just sits back and observes a lot, which is great... although obviously we'd like for him to "talk" with her more! With his newer therapists, Dean has shown more of a need to warm-up to them, which totally makes sense. Jen and his previous SLP were with him from such a young age (4 months) that he grew *into* them and didn't require that warm-up. So it's hard to know if Dean just needs a little more time to adjust or if something else (like the time of day, the fact that Cole is home) is contributing to him being more passive during the session.

Jessica gave us a sheet of activities to do with Dean in order to increase his vocalization. It's from a conference she attended about kids with apraxia. She made it clear that she wasn't diagnosing Dean just yet with apraxia because he's not saying many words, but that these strategies would help him no matter what (for more information about apraxia, Google or look here). I suspected it, she suspects it, but it's still kind of a bummer. I'm not counting out it NOT being an issue just yet, but even just planting something like that in a parent's head as a possibility is enough to be a bit discouraging. BUT, I believe in Dean. :)

Several people have asked how the marble jar is going with Cole. I'm divided. We were using the jar to reinforce good behavior (add a marble) *and* as a consequence for bad choices (remove a marble). That wasn't really working. Cole grew indifferent to marbles coming or going and so we needed to change. Now we just use the jar for positive reinforcement and use other things (taking away toys, timeouts) as consequences for bad choices. It seems to be working better, although if we don't keep up with noticing Cole's marble-worthy behavior, he definitely misbehaves a little more. Basically, we just need to be consistent and vigilant. Surprise, surprise. :) I bought the Parenting with Love & Logic book, but I have yet to open it. Does it do any good if you just have it in your living room? :) Oh well.

But isn't he so cute eating an apple in the basket? I know, random. :)

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