Tuesday, December 28, 2010

20 months!

Dean is 20 months old today and he finally gained weight this month! I was so relieved. I felt like if we had put him on the scale again and he lost weight, my very-pregnant self might have cried. I think the biggest difference was actually that we put him back on creatine this month, which helps to build lean muscle mass (and therefore put on GOOD weight, not just fat). Another PWS mom suggested this just a day or so after I restarted it on a whim, so we went with it - thanks, Janet! Dean is now 12.53 kg and still 34" long. Dr. Miller said that if he keeps it up with weight gain over the next month or so, we can finally increase Dean's GH dose. Woot!

Now that I have a little over four weeks to go until baby E comes, we figured it was maybe time to buy this little guy a few things. lol It's funny how with the first baby, you start shopping practically right after a positive pops up on the test. Baby 2, a little later, and now baby 3, a month before being born. :) We already bought diapers for Emmett (tiny little diapers!), so I guess I wasn't totally slacking, and I went through clothes to double-check that we had everything we needed. This week I purchased a few more things for him: a cover for his car seat since he's our first winter baby, the infamous Sophie the Giraffe teething toy (which Dean is breaking in right now - lol), a new baby bath seat, and a new video monitor since our current one is making its end-of-life wishes known. The boys had fun with the packing paper in some of the boxes that came today:

Everybody wins. :)

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