Monday, December 6, 2010

Big Day!

Some big things today. First, Dean took his first step. Yes, just ONE step, but what's that saying about the journey of a thousand miles beginning with one step? We'll take it literally for now. :) It was with his orthotics on, and I can see how much they are really helping him. Jen wants us to increase the amount of time Dean is wearing them each day now that he's standing for a few seconds and trying to take steps. When Dean was born, I never imagined he'd be taking a step at 19 months. His tone was just so abysmally low. He's doing great. Go, Deano!

We use Cole as motivation for Dean to walk, and the experience is mutually beneficial. Cole gets a kick out of being the big brother to walk to, and loves when Dean gives him a hug at the end. Dean loves walking to his big brother. :)

I also had an ultrasound today to check on amniotic fluid. At this point, there's not a lot to worry about, but it's more of a "just in case" sort of thing.

I know this should lower my anxiety, but I just am not going to feel 100% about everything until this baby is in my arms!

Fluid was 20, which IS still in the range of normal, but a little on the high side. Other than that, Emmett looks great (and is definitely still a he - I said to the tech, "is that his ear?" She said, "no sweetie, that's his scrotum." LOL!!!).
Muscle tone looks good (clearly not the case with Dean, although I don't remember what showed up on an ultrasound)
belly looks good,
kidneys look good (this was not the case with Dean),
placenta looks good (my placenta was prematurely aged with Dean even though he was a 35-weeker),
he's measuring almost 4 pounds, which is 51st percentile.
8 out of 8 on a biophysical profile.
Oh, and he's really cute. :)

I told the tech that my fluid last time reached a 44 and she said, "Oh my... you must not have been able to breathe all that well... I've never even seen that high poor thing." Yeah, I know, that was the problem. :/ The tech was amazing and talked me through everything because she knew I'd want to be reassured as much as possible. I appreciate when medical folks just 'get it.'

They're going to have a peri and a neonatologist at Emmett's birth just in case, but the peri thinks everything looks great. I won't feel 100% until the little man is in my arms, but it's nice that for now, things are looking good.

Also, Bob got to another round of interviews for a job today! Please continue to pray. There are a few job opportunities that we're looking at, although no one seems to be in a rush in the hiring process. :) We'll see.

More cute pics. :)
Deano loves his mommy's old stuffed doggy. Too bad we can't get a real one because of allergies!

Any day's a good day to wear a lifevest indoors...
 Eating an apple sure can tire you out...


Laurie said...

that last pic is so cute!! I didn't realize Dean was only 19 months - He's not that much older than Olivia. Congratulations on the first of many steps!

Ashley & Timothy said...

So excited to hear all of this great news, Ali!!! We're praying for you and Emmett!

Kera said...

Congrats Dean!!! So very excited for ya'll!

Candice said...

Ali, All amazing news!! Yay!!!