Sunday, December 12, 2010

Boy Stuff

I've always liked activities that are considered "boy" activities as well as "girl" activities. When I taught Pre-K, I had some REAL girly-girls in my classes and I wasn't always quite sure how to relate. But I remember one student, a little girl who was very feminine and yet was pretty rough-and-tumble, told her mom, "I like Mrs. Shenk because she likes to do girl things AND boy things." I considered that to be quite the compliment. :)

This weekend, we went to my parents' house and Cole and my dad had a great time putting together a new riding toy. I'm not sure how much Cole actually *helped,* but he sure was glad to be right there in the action with Papa and to wear safety glasses. He was REALLY excited about the safety glasses. And he likes to do just about anything my dad wants to do. :) Here are some action shots (and yes, they're reading the directions):

I swear I had some pictures of the finished product, but oh well. :) It's fun to watch the guys do stuff together. I remember my dad telling stories about working on the car with his dad and I remember "helping" my dad when we were little with projects like this, too. So cute.

Share some of your memories!!! I love this. :)

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Anonymous said...

Ali, When we were raising kids, John always said we would put the object together and then read the instructions. We've pretty much followed that advice from then on. Loved the pictures, especially the safety glasses. Grandma