Wednesday, December 8, 2010


Thanks all for praying for Bob's job interview - it went well and he's on to what we hope is the last round! I won't tell more details about the job just in case. We think it's down just to two people, but we'll see. It's local, so that would be good. His interview is now Tuesday at 2! We're trying not to get our hopes up too much because we know how crazy this job market is, but we are hopeful.

Turns out that the coconut oil in Dean's milk is for some reason not working any more. It's gunking up the sides of his sippies and refuses to stay liquid. If we use a regular cup, it chunks up and then Dean (understandably) is not too crazy about swallowing chunks of solidified coconut oil. :/ So, we reluctantly are moving to adding a packet of Carnation Instant Breakfast to his milk across the span of a day, and it seems to make Dean at least a bit less averse to drinking his milk. He still won't do it himself and is quite frustrated by the end of a cup of it, but at least it's getting some calories and vitamins in him. I'm trying not to think about the sugar. :/ We are trying to get so much food into this kid that I can't even believe we're talking about a kid with PWS. I don't quite know how many calories typical toddlers Dean's age are taking in, but in our little world, it feels like a lot. :)

Today Dean discovered the joy of Elmo. Yes, the little, red, furry, high-pitched monster Elmo. :) He has an Elmo doll that he sleeps with every night and loves, but today he really seemed to connect with Elmo. I was pretending to be Elmo and talk to Dean with a puppet. Dean started chanting, "Elmuh. Elmuh." He was so proud of himself. I love that Dean is slowly but steadily seeming to pick up new words. He is not always consistent about recalling them, but they come and go and overall, he's adding. He's vocalizing more in response to questions and wants to communicate more through speech. Nothing that others might notice as much, but we sure do!

My little cutie with his shopping cart. :)

I don't have a lot of updates about Cole lately! He's just doing his thing, talking nonstop, LOVING school, and being a great big brother to Dean AND to Emmett (he talks to him all the time :)). I can't wait to see what the interactions will be like with all 3 Shenk boys!!! I'm so excited.


Kevin said...

Could you try warming up the coconut oil before putting it in the sippy cup? Maybe warming the sippy cup too.

Ali Foley Shenk said...

We were putting it in the microwave for 30 seconds to warm it and then putting it in the sippy, but since the milk comes out of the fridge, that needed to be cold (or at least not sitting out for too long). Maybe warming the cup would help too. Good idea!

Anonymous said...

What about using sweetened condensed milk instead of the instant breakfast? Not sure if it is any better but maybe Deano would like the taste?

(This is Jill but I don't know my Google ID stuff)