Monday, December 13, 2010

Happy Birthday, Bob!!!

Today is my husband Bob's birthday!!! I hope he knows how wonderful he is and how much everyone loves him. The boys adore their dad, as I've said before, and I am so grateful for his friendship and love. Bob helps out so much when he is home and rarely complains about it. He's handled the hard things with a calm confidence and just loves our boys for who they are. I know you've heard me gush before, so I'll keep it to a minimum. Just wanted to make sure that I had some air-time to give him a shout-out! A few pics that you have seen before, but are worth seeing again:

Huge shout-out too to Tim & Natalie who came over to make dinner (ok, mostly Natalie :)) for Bob and us tonight! We love family. :)

I love you, honey!!

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Candice said...

Happy birthday Bob! Hope your present is a new job!!!