Friday, December 3, 2010

I love Christmas

I love Christmastime and it's even more wonderful experiencing it all through the eyes of your kids. They are just so excited about anything and everything having to do with Christmas. Today we went to the Virginia Gingerbread Christmas at the Omni hotel and viewed the entries for a gingerbread contest. It was great to see efforts by kids all the way through professionals. Here are some pics:

So fun! It was a tough sell to convince Cole not to eat anything on the houses, but he listened. :) 

And thankfully, Santa was there. I have to admit that before having kids, I said I wasn't going to do the Santa thing. I didn't want to lie to them and I wanted them to celebrate Christmas being about Jesus more than Santa and presents, etc. But they just love Santa. I can't help myself. Cole was thrilled to see Santa and ask him for a guitar (which he's getting ... shhhhh), but he didn't want to get any closer to him than about 5 feet away. lol
(Bump on the head is from a head-on collision at school the other day - ouch!)

Dean, however, was smitten with Santa. He couldn't stay away. It was so unbelievably sweet. And Santa (who I chatted with later on and has four kids of his own) loved Deano, too. Everyone falls in love with this kid. I love it. 

Makes my heart melt. So fun. Looking forward to continuing through the Christmas season. :) 

On another note, I had another OB appointment today and I'm only measuring 1 week ahead now. Whew. I'm still having an ultrasound on Monday just to check on fluid JUST in case. But I'm feeling fairly confident things are ok. It feels a little scary to feel that, because last time we were blindsided by PWS, but we have to learn to trust again. 

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Kera said...

I can't wait for pictures with Santa this year. Delilah was too little to care last year. Luckily our EI program holds a free Breakfast with Santa each year at the mall. The kids all get to eat breakfast, ride the carousel, get a gift, and best of all meet Santa! Can't wait!!!