Friday, December 10, 2010

Name Spelling Anxiety

Facebook followers of DITW have already seen that we changed baby E's middle name from Patrick (my dad's middle name) to Jack (my dad's first name). Now I'm having some anxiety about first-name spelling and we are thinking about Emmet instead of Emmett. Even typing Emmet feels better than the alternative, and that's how people have been spelling it anyway. I made a poll on the left (scroll down a smidge) - please vote! It's only going to last a few days and then we're making a decision. Heck, knowing me we'll get preliminary results and I'll make a decision tomorrow. :)

FB followers, you'll have to check out the actual blog at for the poll!


Janet Gulley said...

We changed the spelling of Ayden Jane's name during the 30 seconds it took the lady to get the papers for us to officially name her. We went from Aidyn to Ayden. Seemed like a HUGE change then, but now it took me minute to even remember what the original spelling was.

Gina B said...

Mike says if you were to spell it like the Hebrew (means "truth"), then it would be Emet.

But he's only seen it in other contexts (at work, mainly) spelled Emmett.

Erin R said...

No matter which one you choose, it will be perfect for him, but people will probably still spell it wrong half the time. :-) We run into that with Elliot all the time. Maybe go with the more popular spelling to up the chances of others getting it right. According to the SSA, that would be Emmett (see

Laurie said...

How about George?

Just kidding :) I don't have a preference either way. My sister taught me a long time ago never to ask anyone's opinion on her kid's names, or give one. She has 10 of them and they have all kinds of wild names.

Kevin said...


Kristin said...

I love Emmett Jack!! What an awesome name, no matter how it's spelled. :)