Monday, December 27, 2010


We've hit the dreaded plateau. Dean has made some definite progress in gross motor skills since he started crawling 6 months ago, but as of late, the progress towards walking has come to a grinding halt. I'm thinking more and more that the one step was kind of a fluke (my spin word is that it's a "preview" of things to come, but I'm not feeling so preview-ish right now) because he has since lost interest in trying to replicate the event.

To be honest, I'm bored of working on walking with him again and again and again. Dean seems frustrated and as if he's working with only a certain amount of info that his brain is supplying him about walking. It feels as though we're up against a wall - not that he won't walk or anything like that, just that where we are right now is a dreaded plateau. The word makes me gag. It was exciting at first, but when Dean is just not into it and we can tell that he's at his max, it's hard to get excited again and AGAIN about it. Let me emphasize that I care less about the delay about more about the "p" word. :)

I know that Dean could desperately use a bump in his GH dose, and that is dependent on whether we can turn around the weight loss and turn it into weight GAIN. Then Dr. Miller will bump it up (GH will increase his metabolism, so if he's already losing weight, it's not a good idea to increase it). But I'm also wondering about other measures, like starting B12 injections. I know this sounds like one of those crazy ideas to the outsiders, and don't worry, it sounds a little crazy to me, too. But my sense is that his body needs a boost to get past this hump, that it's not just going to happen on its own. I've emailed Dr. Miller to get her opinion and Bob and I are talking over what to do. It's stressful making decisions for your kid no matter what, especially when it's something a little more off-beat like whether to inject them in the butt every 3 days with a particular form of Vitamin B12. Sigh.

So tomorrow we weigh him and then go from there...

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