Saturday, December 11, 2010

Two T's

Well, two Ts it is. The vote was overwhelmingly in favor of two. :) That way you can just think of two Es, two Ms, and two Ts. That was the initial thinking about spelling.

Unlike some other folks, we have no need of weird spellings for names just to make our kids unique. Even if you use a "normal" spelling, the name is going to get misspelled from time to time anyway. I have a crazy baby name book that lists about 32 spellings for the name Jessica (who knew?). One of those is Jessykuh. Why? WHY would you do that to your kid? So we try to go with the most common spelling. My uncle Kevin (hi, GUnK! :)) is trying to get us to name the baby Elmo because that, oddly, was my great-grandpa's name on my dad's side. He would have used it had he not had 4 daughters. :) Alas, baby E will not be Elmo, mostly because anyone would associate the name with a certain high-pitched furry red monster.

So, Ehmmmitte it is. lol
Just kidding. Emmett Jack it is. :)


Kevin said...

I'm sure that you met Elmo, if only at Aunt ME's wedding. I think that all of my kids did, although Hannah was quite young and would not appreciate what a great man that he was while on this earth. I have most of his quirks, for good or bad.

Ali Foley Shenk said...

I remember meeting him quite a few times! No doubt he was a great man. I remember him as gentle and sweet. :) Love reading the excerpts from his journal that Daddy transcribed. Definitely a quirky engineer... nothing less to be expected. :)