Saturday, January 8, 2011

36 Weeks

Since apparently, who knows how many weeks I might really have left. We'll see. :)

Even just having the number 36 over yesterday's 35 weeks 6 days makes a big difference in my head.

I tried to take it easy today and that was boring. But good. I just hate being on the couch while my kids are doing things on their own and I can only interact with them so much. I know it's just a short amount of time, but thing is, I *like* being with my kids. :) I'm glad that Bob is not working this weekend so that he can be around to help out and I can rest a bit with a bit less guilt. :/

I've been craving Indian food lately. I mean, I love Indian food anyway, but I want it pretty much at every meal, every day. I'm trying to pace myself because I have some pretty lame taste buds in terms of heat. The other night we got a box mix to make chicken tikka masala and HOLY HECK was it hot!!!! There is a reason I order mild or at *most* medium if we go out to an Indian restaurant. I felt like my face was burning off and yet I kept going because it was SO good. lol

All right, enough about that. In other news, we are still waiting for the final word from Bob's new job about salary and such. We got an offer and were encouraged to counter-offer, so we did. That was well before the new year and we still haven't heard back. It's getting a little nerve-wracking - please pray! I won't believe it's all real until Bob signs on the dotted (why does everyone say dotted? It's usually just a regular line) line.

Dean has lost all motivation to walk (for now), which is still frustrating, but combined with the speech spurt, we know his little brain is still working hard. Yesterday he saw Cole on the video monitor while he was napping and after I repeated, "brother" several times, Dean started chanting, "bro.... er." He laid his head down next to the monitor and hugged it. Seriously, could my heart fill with love any more? I really truly love these kids.

Cole is thrilled to be back in school since the break and I think he would live there if he could. They're having PJ Day next week and he is so excited he just might explode. I love that he loves school so much. :)

That's about it, folks.


Janet Gulley said...

Ayden Jane feels the same about school. It is refreshing attitude with the older kids in the house!

Unknown said...

He hugged the monitor? It cannot get much cuter than that. So glad Baby E is staying put a little longer...your family has been in my thoughts this week especially. Keep taking care of yourself Ali!