Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Allergies - Nothing to Sneeze At

Had an appointment today with the OB and everything looks great. The doc felt the baby's body and said, "this is NOT a small baby." We'll see. :) My blood pressure is back to normal (110/60) and I feel so much better than I did this weekend. Headaches and nausea are gone, and the contractions have slowed down considerably. I'll take it. :)

Also, I found out that the chair of the entire OB/GYN department at UVa is doing my c-section! Apparently he doesn't even see patients in clinic, he just (well, not *just*, but you know what I mean) delivers babies and does administrative tasks. It makes me feel a little reassured, although I'd like to meet him. We're trying to set up a quick meet-and-greet before the big day. Would be good to say "hey" before he cuts me open, takes out my kid, and then sterilizes me. lol

Tomorrow, we have an appointment for - wait for it - COLE for the allergist. I hesitate to tell Cole too much in advance about doctor appointments because they're so seldom for him that he's kind of freaked out when he finds that he's the one on the proverbial chopping block. This is an annual follow-up to re-test his peanut allergy and to see if any others have developed. Really, there's only a 20% chance that he'll outgrow the peanut allergy, but hey, we "beat" the odds with a 1 in 15,000 genetic disorder, so we're good, right? :)

The other question is whether to test Dean. Like Cole (and like me as a child), Dean has some eczema, which we know now is often a predictor of later food allergies. By this age with Cole, we knew that he was allergic to peanuts (found out the hard way with hives all over his face and neck!). We have not yet fed Dean any peanuts or tree nuts because it just seems like a bad idea. But it would be good to know if he shares the allergy with his brother. It would be nice to be able to give Dean some nuts here and there as a high-protein snack, obviously as long as we kept them away from Cole. We'll talk to the doc and make a game-time decision!


Kevin said...

If this cheers you up any, although your dad and Aunt Eileen both had eczema, the other half of the family had no skin allergies that I know of. I never even had a poison ivy reaction although I got into all the same stuff as your dad. D & E likely may not have A & C's problems. Now, later in life I have some tree pollen and chocolate allergies, these didn't show up until I was half dead. B? Well, he is perfect.

Katie said...

Ali, Read the response from Kevin. My grandmother, Doc, had very bad skin problems. Also, my Dad, myself were badly affected by it. I outgrew it by the time I was 12 or 13. My Dad never did outgrow it, nor his Mom that I know of. You all come by it honestly. Grandma

smilinggreenmom said...

Sorry to hear all that! Booo. Our son went through all kinds of skin tests and blood tests and they all contradicted each other. It was awful and confusing and our doc kept wanting him on more and more steroids for his eczema. Oh my - it's a long story but I can tell you that he does not take any meds at all now and looks and feels great! We have had him taking Belly Boost children's chewable probiotics for nearly two yrs now! I can tell you it has been the only thing to help his food issues and skin. He does still have actual allergies and we carry an Epi Pen for them - but his intolerances are fine. Hope this helps - hope the appt goes well :)