Saturday, January 1, 2011

Happy New Year!!

I rung in the New Year passed out in the most comfortable bed in the world, which happens to be located at my parents' house. Bob was at work for the night and so I came up here with the boys and Bob joined us today. I was a big-time party pooper, I admit, but when I barely sleep right now as it is and additional sleep deprivation is in my near future, I'll take what I can. Maybe I'll be conscious when 2012 rolls around. :)

I don't really have any resolutions, because I just feel too pressured to make them. And honestly, if I make a resolution, I'm more likely to try to stick it to the overrated concept of resolutions and NOT do them. So instead, I like to think of it as a time to make sure I've got my priorities in order and reflect on what I really think is important. As usual, family jumps right to the top of the list - our little family of 4+ (soon to be 5!) and our extended families.

Clearly also, we'll be welcoming little Emmett very soon. I'm so excited and so nervous. I know the birth isn't everything, but getting past that would be a huge deal. I had an appointment on Thursday and when I went to schedule everything, I got the idea that I'm going to have to be a squeaky wheel to make sure everything happens that we want (and our list isn't even that long!). My OB appointments are about 5.7 seconds long and if I hesitate in asking questions for a breath, the doc is already out the door and onto the next patient. So different from my previous experience with midwives who were more likely to sit down and take the time to chat. I realize that the comparison might not always break down like this, but this has been my experience! Pray that my voice can be heard so that this goes well for Emmett AND the rest of us.

And then we have off in the not-too-distant horizon the move to Richmond. Bob is going to start this job in mid-February and then he'll commute until Cole's school year is over and our lease runs out. Gotta find a new preschool for Cole (which is sad because we LOVE his current school!), new therapists for Dean (docs I'm not worried about because other PWS families in the area will give us their recs - yay for networking!), possibly preschool for Dean, too... oh, but the thought of my BABY going to preschool is too much. Let's table that...

We're looking ahead to housing options over the next few months and then we'll make some decisions. Bob is also in the final negotiations re: salary and such for his job, but we're definitely going to accept the offer. Just holding out for a little bit more. :)

Those are the things on our horizon for 2011. What about you?

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