Sunday, January 16, 2011

Jobbing and Nesting

Ok, "jobbing" isn't a word, but it went with nesting. :) A gajillion of you have seen the update on Facebook already, but Bob formally accepted the job in Richmond! He'll be working as a staff chaplain with the Bon Secours Health System.

For a chaplain, getting a hospital gig is great because most of the chaplains usually have a lot more experience and the health insurance is good! Bob will start officially on February 28, but we won't move until June/July for a variety of reasons (mostly finishing out Cole's school year and our lease here).

We're looking to move to the Glen Allen area. We've heard the schools are great and there's a lot going on there, which we like. Rural living is not really our thing. :) We'll be about the same distance from my family in northern Virginia, which is great, and since we're staying in state, Dean will be able to keep his disability-related Medicaid waiver. I'm also excited about two other PWS families we know and love who are in the area! This will also make the transition for all Dean's medical needs a LOT easier.

We have to thank everyone for your prayers for this. I mean, really, in so many ways it's perfect and more than we expected. We all know how the job market is awful and so this is a real blessing. Also, it means that Bob can finally look towards completing the ordination process with the PC(USA)! We're going to be Rev. & Mrs. Shenk. Whoa.

As the countdown closes in on Emmett's arrival and we look ahead to the move this summer, I've been a crazy maniac nesting lady. I've cleaned, re-organized, and thrown out so much in the past few days. There's really no stopping me. I feel like I'm making up for lost time that I never got to spend nesting for Dean (he came too soon!) and the fact that this baby really doesn't need much... so there hasn't been that much to *do* for him. So instead I'm tearing apart the apartment. Bob has repeatedly offered to help with cleaning and I've turned him down, which indicates that I cannot possibly be rational. lol

Funny thing thinking about Dean's arrival... I could have nested and planned and had the time to get everything together, and really, it barely would have mattered. What we experienced with his birth and the kinds of devices and props and what-have-you that he ended up needing, how would we have prepared for that? I'm kind of glad I didn't get the chance.

Anyway, here's the pantry, the only documented evidence of organizing thus far. I was really, really tempted to put labels on the shelves, but I resisted. :)


Kevin said...

"Rev. & Mrs. Shenk" Becoming a nun would have been cheaper, and then we could have a fantastic remake of the Sound Of Music with a flute replacing the guitar. :)

Anonymous said...

I am so glad I am not the only one who isn't 'digging' the whole rural lifestyle thing! I am super grateful for all our friends here and the experiences that we've had, but I miss the city! I told Alex that any place smaller than South Bend, IN was going to be too small. So, so, so excited for you guys! Praise the Lord! ~Koelle

Katie said...

Ali, Can't believe you have the energy to do all the throwing out and organization that you have done. I,m happy to hear all the good news. Since I will be 1 and 1/2 hours from Richmond, hope to see more of you and family. Praying for all that is coming down the pike for you. God is good and will see you through it all. Love, Grandma

Kevin said...

Country Living: Laura is a city person. She realized that our house was "backwards" because almost all of the windows looked into the back yard. She then found that nothing happened out front anyway. In Indiana, the only times we saw our neighbors was when they were riding their lawn tractors with hearing protection. Fortunately, Denise, the wife of one of my coworkers adopted Laura. Denise is from Chicago. On the other hand, I liked Indiana because I got to go to work everyday. Laura was too kind ever to complain, so it wasn't until a transfer to NY came up at work and I took it, that Laura ever said anything. (At Delco, job transfers to NY never happened, so this was God getting involved.) Laura loves our neighborhood in NY, which is just outside the city limits, but quite urban anyways. We see and talk with our neighbors quite often. Alice and Matt became our neighbors.