Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Last-Minute Prep

Getting all the last-minute stuff for life after Emmett's arrival. It was important for us to find a way to carry Dean and Emmett with the bucket seat. Dean is not walking yet (still making VERY slow/stalled progress in this area) and even when he is, he's likely to need a stroller for support. Many kids with low tone fatigue easily and need strollers or wheelchairs for quite some time. And no, we're not getting a triple stroller. I just can't do it. lol So the double stroller (Baby Jogger City Micro) we have has an adapter that I furiously put together yesterday; this will be for Dean & Emmett, and Cole will have to walk all the time instead of having the stroller as an option. :) Here are some pics of the monstrosity that ensues:

And... then Cole insisted I pack him in the box in which the adapter arrived:

Silly goose.

To round out the cuteness, a short video showing Dean demonstrating a new and now favorite skill: rolling a ball! He's been trying for quite some time, but now it's really consistent.

Playing Ball with Daddy from Ali on Vimeo.

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Katie said...

Ali, Love the ball game. It sounded like Dean had said at one time, "I love you." Am praying for you and the big day next week. Much love to all. Grandma