Monday, January 24, 2011

Last Prenatal Appointment


I'm so relieved. I know I should be sad, but I'm relieved. Today I met with Dr. Ferguson, the OB who is scheduled to do my c-section next Monday morning. He was so nice. I never know what to expect when meeting a new doctor, but he was great. We talked about Dean's birth and how crazy it was, and (as much as I tried not to) got a little teary (held it together!) about what a rough experience it was. He said, "What can I do to make this an easier experience for you?" I was touched. I told him just to talk me through it all as much as possible. Tell me how close you are to the birth, tell me when the baby is out, tell me how it's all going. He said he would be happy to do that, just to remind him on Monday morning. He asked how Dean was doing now, which I also thought was sweet. :) We did talk about the risks of doing a third c-section, but he's hoping that because I'm young and fairly healthy, things will look pretty good and I'll heal up well. He said that with each subsequent c-section, they take a little more time and just make sure to manage any scar tissue and adhesion that might come up.

Anyway, Emmett still sounds great on the doppler and even though it doesn't matter, he's head down. :) He still hasn't dropped, which makes me wonder if ANY of my kids would drop given the chance. I'm all set with having a c-section!

We're getting there. I'm so afraid to say how excited I am to meet this baby, like I'll jinx it or something. I can't for the life visualize this going normally, but I just have to believe that there's no reason to think it won't. Ah, the brain.


Kevin said...

Your brain. I'm convinced that your choice of background pattern for your blog is based upon the hallway wallpaper at your grandmother's house in P'ville. (obvious attempt to distract you)

kitshenk said...

Hi Ali,
Emmett is almost here! Hooray! We pray for a safe and healthy delivery on 1/31. It will be a kick to watch C & D respond to their new baby brother.