Monday, January 3, 2011

Oh Yeah, About That...

I realize sometimes that I forget to follow-up on topics I've mentioned before:

Orthotics - we went back to P&O (Prosthetics & Orthotics) at UVa and had the guy look at Dean's AFOs. He put them on and we went back out into the waiting room to play for awhile, then came back and had him check the fit. Of course, they were fine. :/ So the assumption is that it's a user error situation on our part. He showed me a few ways that it can *look* like Dean's heel is all the way in but really isn't. He also said that most kids with AFOs get them after they're already walking, which Dean obviously isn't. Crawling around is what could make his feet slip out, which I knew, but I guess I just hoped they would stay put as is. So we're going to give them another go and if they still seem like a problem, we'll bring them back and they'll immobilize the ankle hinge (which will keep Dean's feet in the braces a little more easily).

TheraTogs - after a rough start with these the first few times, they are WONDERFUL for Dean. I would definitely recommend people trying them with their kiddos. Again, TheraTogs are a supportive (expensive! but ours were given to us by another PWS family - thanks, Cyndi!) "suit" of sorts that goes against the skin and gives Dean's floppy body some more support. He wears them pretty much all day, every day and they provide him a lot of support. They sure don't make diaper changes easier, but they *do* help so much otherwise. We're big fans!

Chewelry necklace - Dean's been wearing it for a few days now and overall, I'm quite happy with it. When he wants to chew and remembers that he's wearing the necklace, he can pull the heart into his mouth and gnaw on it. Trouble is in situations where we can't remind him to use the necklace instead of grinding his teeth - the car, during naps/nighttime (even with the safety release, we don't let him sleep with it on... just seems like a bad idea), etc. But overall, I think having an outlet for his chewing needs that is accessible to him almost always is a great idea. I would recommend these necklaces!

Gait trainer - we busted the gait trainer back out and Dean seems slightly more interested than he was last go-around. He still isn't a huge fan of it, but he's a little more willing to move around in it. We only use it for short periods of time, and when I feel like it. lol

Cute story from today: Bob got the bucket seat we're going to use for Emmett out of storage, and I put the car seat cover that we bought for it over the seat. (It's our first winter baby - gotta bundle up!) Dean saw it after his nap and came crawling over to the seat. He knows that babies sit in these. :) He climbed up it and was poking his head around looking for the baby inside! It was hilarious. He said, "Ba-beh?" And then kept saying, "Ba-beh, ba-beh," over and over as he looked for the baby. So cute. It's so weird that MY baby is going to be a big brother!

Dean is making steady progress in speech and it's so great to see him using words consistently and intentionally. I'm so grateful. :)


Kevin said...

Chewelry necklace: Could you put around a bar of the crib, and see if Dean will still use it?

Keep me posted about the orthotics.

Ali Foley Shenk said...

Ooh, good idea!! Don't know why I didn't think of that. Will do! Any suggestions for the car? :)

Kevin said...

Chewelry necklace: Could you put it around a shoulder strap? You might need more than one necklace.

Ali Foley Shenk said...

Me likey. :)