Sunday, January 9, 2011

Recent Pics

Some pictures just for kicks since I've been slacking on the visuals lately. Here are some pics from last weekend at my parents' house. Cole loved playing his new guitar that he got for Christmas with Papa and his real guitar. Dean got excited about the music, too. :) 

And some pics of the boys from a playplace at the local mall. We try to go early so there aren't many people there and so the number of germs there is probably only in the billions and not the gazillions. :) And hey, it's free! If you come when the older folks are walking the mall, before it technically "opens," you're golden. 

I love to watch them play together. Cole is such an encourager to Dean and likes to tell us when Dean has done something he's excited about (sometimes this is something new, sometimes he'll get all excited about something Dean has been doing for months. Either way, it's cute :)). I think Emmett is gearing up to join the fray because he has been crazy active the last few days!


Kevin said...

Playing the guitar! Does he still have the "Les Paul" he made when he was in high school?

Consider having the kids play around the light poles in the mall parking lot. It is probably cleaner. :)

Ali Foley Shenk said...

Wasn't the Les Paul the guitar he made out of wood that he was allergic to?