Thursday, January 13, 2011

Small Miracles

We got a notice from our insurance a few months ago that they were switching Dean's growth hormone brand. This has happened before and it's usually a train wreck at about 5 different points along the way. However, the following was accomplished by insurance/mail-order pharmacy/GH company/UPS without a hitch:

-getting another pre authorization of the new brand
-contacting Dr. Miller to get the new Rx (she's good about it :))
-changing the Rx with the mail-order pharmacy
-switching over secondary insurance to pick up the copay
-contacting the new GH company to send us the starter kit (includes the "pen" device for injecting the GH) and they got the RIGHT one, BEFORE we ran out
-mail-order pharmacy sending out vials of the RIGHT GH dose and brand, BEFORE we ran out
-UPS delivering the medication while still cold (it's supposed to be refrigerated... to their credit, they were good last time)

I'm dumbfounded. Last time I logged HOURS of phone calls to the various parties involved. This time, I did pretty much nothing. Way to do your job, everyone!!! It's a freaking miracle!!

On another note, we're noticing a lot of changes in Dean's personality and development right now. He seems to be going through a big spurt again, just more in terms of speech/social/emotional development than motor stuff. Some things we've noticed:
-increased separation anxiety, including at night. :( It's actually a teeny bit funny when it's during the day because as soon as you put your coat on to go somewhere, he starts crying. When his speech therapist left the other day, he BAWLED. Then he crawled over to the French doors that overlook the parking lot and was looking for her! It was so sweet. If we leave him with a babysitter or at church in the nursery, he won't cry when we leave, but he will when we return. It's nice to be noticed and missed. :)
-lots of trying to imitate things we say. Too much to write here. It's really awesome. It's not all the time, but more than ever before. :)
-he is a little goofball. Dean loves to make people laugh, especially Cole. For what he lacks in being able to walk and run, he works it with silly faces and noises, as well as tackling from a kneeling position. lol Bath time is hilarious.
-Some more awareness, it seems, about the potty. He's more interested in when other people are going, and he hides to poop, especially in the little play tent we have for the boys. lol I don't think he's anywhere near ready to potty train yet, but it's just nice that he seems more aware.

I can't tell you how proud these "little" things make me because they're so very BIG in their littleness. It's some of the little things that make people people. We're grateful for every little bit that shows up. We expect nothing more and nothing less.

Here's my goofball with a shopping basket on his head:

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